Dog Training

Welcome To The Team

Looking for an experienced dog trainer? With over 20 years of experience, I’m dedicated to helping owners achieve their goals with their furry companions.

From Basic obedience to stressful Behavioral issues such as pullingreactivity, aggression or anxiety, we’ll work together to make your dog well-mannered, obedient, and happy.

Fill out my Contact form to start the training process. Once I receive your message, I’ll provide available consultation times to discuss your concerns and the best program for success.


Programs start with 1-on-1 sessions, each program offers a combination of the services below.


Choose from 4 Different Programs to achieve your goals:

In our lessons, we’ll focus on your main goal. By following my guidance, you’ll enhance your relationship with your dog, address problem behaviors, and access additional program benefits.

Each Program includes additional support; through the K9 Playbook, Group Classes, Virtual Coaching and Day Training.

Dream Team Program (Basics)

1-on-1 Training 17

Let’s focus on the basics and foundation that you need to have a calm and happy dog at home. This program is done through private 1-on-1 lessons at trainers location or zoom sessions.

Master the basics of communication, the key ingredients for a dream team. Perfect for puppy or first time dog owners.

Learn effective techniques for teaching fundamental skills while addressing common behavioral issues like:  House training, loose leash walking, crate training, jumping, mouthing, whining, and begging.

Dogs exhibiting behavioral issues will require additional support and/or sessions to achieve comprehensive training, a joyful bond, and safe management

While our primary focus training together is ensuring you achieve your desired goal, this program offers a multitude of benefits:

• Finding the methods that best work to build a strong, happy and trusting bond 
• Teaching you the training skills required to maintain your dog’s level of obedience
No more raising your voice, clear and calm communication with verbal markers: “Ready,” Good,” “Yes,” “No,” etc.
• Causes and prevention of unwanted behaviors
Learn the Basic commands; Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Focus, Touch, Out.
Step-by-step exercises on walking your dog on a “loose leash”
• Rewards, play and enrichment; learn fun exercises to keep your dog calm at home and focused around distractions.
Crate training, a safe and enjoyable way to keep your dog calm, happy and out of trouble.

1-on-1 Training 17
1-on-1 Training 19

Urban Dog Program (Walking)

1-on-1 Training 19

Let’s put an end to all those stressful, dangerous, annoying and embarrassing issues, I’ll show you a clearer and stress-free way to walk with your dog.  

Walking your dog should be the highlight of your day. Let’s focus on enjoying outings and being prepared for all the surprises that come with living in an urban world.

Learn how to eliminate unwanted behaviors on walks such as pulling on the leash, jumping on strangers, barking and and scavenging for unwanted items.

This program is done through Pack School drop offs, 1-on-1 sessions or advance group classes (when available).

While our primary focus training together is ensuring you achieve your desired goal, this program offers a multitude of benefits:

• Includes everything from the “Basics Program”
• Stop unwanted behaviors on walks such as leash reactivity, separation anxiety, excessive barking, attention seeking.
“Heel” around  distraction
“Place” training, master a calm state of mind at home ( we will use and elevated bed)
Confidence building with a rotation of different exercises.
• Optional e-collar training for advanced impulse control, and stress-free communication (e-collar not included)

Transformation Program (Behavioral)

1-on-1 Training 21

Having a happy and well-behaved canine companion is the dream of many owners.

This program includes everything from the “Basics  and Urban Dog Programs it is specifically designed to help dog owners unlock their dog’s full potential and ensure a long, happy life together, allowing you to do things with your dog that you always wanted to. 

This program is a combination of 1-on-1 lessons, Pack School Day Training lessons, and advance group classes (when available). 

While our primary focus training together is ensuring you achieve your desired goal, this program offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Stress-free “Loose leash” and/or “Heel” walks around distractions 
  • Safe methods to manage and reduce severe behaviors such as: fear, aggression, resource guarding, etc.
  • “Place” training, master a calm state of mind Outside ( we will use and elevated bed)
  • Learn to communicate around high distractions in and outside your home.
  • Safe and calm socializing or walking around other dogs
  • Advance “Down” and “Place” Training – for use with elevated bed, or any other surface (ideal for car rides and outings)
  • Find the perfect Games and Jobs for your dog to live to its fullest
  • Off-leash Training; require e-collar training for complete freedom, advanced impulse control, and stress-free communication (specific e-collar brand will be required)
  • Dogs with behavioral issues; such as aggression, reactivity or anxiety will be limited to the benefits of this program.
1-on-1 Training 21
1-on-1 Training 23

Fast Track Program (Hybrid Board and Train)

1-on-1 Training 23

If you’re a dog owner needing urgent assistance, these services are perfect for you. They can be personalized to your goals for the best results in obedience or behavior modification training.

Monday through Friday, I provide your dog with the chance to be part of my pack, enjoying training, walks, and bonding sessions throughout the day. On the weekends, they can return home to relax and practice what they have learned over the weekend with you, before return for further training.

This program utilizes multiple training sessions per day making your dog eager to learn, and speeding up the process of making that dream come true!

Length of Stay for each Program:

Urban Dog Program (Walking)- 2-3 weeks (15 days) 

Transformation Program (Behavioral Issues)- 3-4 weeks (20 days)

Additional Details: 

  • Available Monday through Friday-  Weekend days additional cost
  • At pickup you will be shown what your dog has learned and lifestyle changes necessary to maintain new habits. 
    • Pack School (4-8 hour drop off) at pick up briefing is approx. 20 mins
    • Board and Train pick up briefing is approx. 60 mins
  • Virtual Coaching Support 
  • Discounted Graduate Lessons 
  • Invitation to Free Group Walking classes