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I specialize in building happier human-dog relationships and eliminating unwanted behaviors. Whether you desire stress-free walks, off-leash adventures, or guidance with unwanted behaviors, you will receive step-by-step instructions and why things are happening. I look forward to training your dog with you. 

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My Services

Receive personalized 1-on-1 guidance and support through your dogs training process and issues.

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The K9 Playbook

A comprehensive training guide filled with techniques and tips to help you raise a happy, well-behaved, and obedient dog.

My Private Dog and Puppy Training Programs
Cover All Your Needs & Goals:

Basic and Advanced Obedience:

  • • Stress Free Loose-leash walking
  • • Basic Obedience
  • • “Heel” walks on and off leash
  • • Calm Human-Dog Communication

• Off-Leash Recall

• Proper Socialization

• Housetraining

• Crate and “place” training

• Off leash reliability

• Calm engagement and focus around distractions

• Canine Good Citizen Test preparation

• E-collar Training

• Optimize your dogs Breed Job, Purpose and Playing

Behavior Modification:

  • • Separation Anxiety
  • • Leash Pulling and Reactivity
  • • Aggression
  • • Destructiveness

• Excessive barking

• Fear

• Mouthing/nipping

• Distraction-proof commands

• Excessive vocalization

• Jumping

• Rude greetings

• Door charging

• Counter surfing

• Resource guarding

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About The Trainer

Hello, My name is Gonzalo. I’ve been training and guiding people and dogs through their relationship needs for over a decade. I do this by combining natural dog behavior and different training techniques that work best for your dog’s personality. I focus on long-term results that will set your dog up for success.


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