When dogs are guided through everyday experiences, both people and dogs can share a joyful and trusting relationship.


Dogs truly enjoy living alongside humans. I use real-life rewards and a thorough understanding of canine science to achieve your goals and tap into the natural process that has allowed dogs to become an extension of our own families for centuries. 

Gonzalo Dremoniz- Trainer/Owner

          Hello, My name is Gonzalo. I specialize in building happier human-dog relationships utilizing your dog’s favorite rewards (toys, play, praise, food, freedom, etc.) and eliminating unwanted behaviors. My dog training sessions are about educating humans first. You will get a clear plan for your goals and learn the fundamentals of teaching/training your dog. For me there is nothing more satisfying than communicating and living with your dog as a team. I look forward to teaching you the methods, steps, and safe use of tools to get to create your dream team.

I’ve been training and guiding people and dogs through their relationship needs for over a decade. I do this by combining natural dog behavior and different training techniques that work best for your dog’s personality. I focus on long-term results that will set your dog up for success. The methods I use are structure-based, natural, and fun for your dog. I integrate dog training methods and tools based on modern science, such as positive reinforcement, relationship-based training, natural dog training, and model training techniques. These are techniques that anyone can learn to implement.

          I was born in Argentina and grew up in the States, where I was always free to explore my fascination with how animals communicate with each other. I was particularly interested in communication between humans and dogs. As a teenager and young adult, I worked as a vet tech assistant and managed a doggie daycare. I learned valuable information from veterinarians and gained extensive experience dealing with animal behavior. During those years, I observed many different human-animal relationships and came to realize that people need a constructive, natural, and enjoyable approach to understanding their dog’s learning process. I became passionate about solving this communication problem and began a relentless search to discover training techniques that work with dogs natural biology rather than solely focusing on using the most “popular” training techniques.

          My approach is always based on natural and communicative methods. In this way, training becomes more sustainable and a positive experience for both the human and the dog. The way we train and live with dogs should be reflective of our lifestyle and strengths.

I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with anyone looking for guidance with their canine companion.