San Diego Dog Training
Group Class

Group Classes

Continue to improve your communication and walking skills with your dog and teach them to follow your directions even in distracting situations !

All programs come with a complimentary one-year access to group classes (in-person or zoom). These classes serve multiple purposes: accelerating your training, enhancing real-life preparedness, substituting rescheduled lessons, and providing opportunities to experiment with new methods and games.


  • Dream Team Group Class: This class is exclusively for students enrolled in the program. It serves as supplementary support during and after the training program, with a focus on refining foundational walking skills and drills amidst outdoor distractions. Effective communication techniques are emphasized throughout the class.
  • Social Club: This class is designed for graduates who wish to enhance their social skills and maintain their training in a supportive environment. Each gathering rotates between: activities, games, tricks, guest trainers, and hikes. Join us for an engaging and advanced experience!

Dogs with behavioral issues must first do an In-Person Consultation or Program before joining any class. The goal is for everyone to have a great time with their dogs.

Class availability varies every month and will be posted on the calendar when they are available.

 To attend, you must bring:
  • Treat pouch/Fanny pack 
  • Your dog’s favorite soft treats 
  • Water for your dog
  • Leash 6 feet or shorter 
  • All Tools welcomed; flat collars, martingale collar, slip lead, prong collars 
  • Optional: water, seat, sunblock, hat (sun protection).

Need to Know :

  • Each class rotates between a selection of the topics listed on each level. 
  • Show up 10 mins early to let your dog tune into you.
  • Lets STAY SAFE and have fun, keep your dog 6-12 feet away from each other until instructed otherwise. Absolutely no petting, approaching, or dog-to-dog greetings unless permitted by both the trainer and owner. 
  • Human or dog aggressive dogs must wear a muzzle to join.
  • Dogs must be at least five months to start classes and be current on vaccinations.
  • Classes do not cover behavioral issues; dogs out of the owner’s control (excessive barking, whining, etc.) or have aggression, fear, or anxiety issues must start with a private session before joining groups classes. 

Sign-up & Location:

  • 1 person per dog (additional people welcomed with trainers permission).
  • To reserve a space: 
    • 1st time students fill out Contact form and Waiver.
    • Returning Students: Send text to 619-919-1099 with desired class and date, you will be reached within 48 hours.
  • If you have any questions, text Gonzalo at (619-919-1099)
  • Classes are held at trainers location or San Diego public locations. 

Class Dates

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For any questions, contact: [email protected]